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LMS: Learning Management System. A dynamic platform & Application which works in all devices. The system allows educational institutions to manage their whole organization through the web or app, at any time and from anywhere in the world. It nurtures the interaction between schools, teachers, students and parents in the most effective way. Read More


SIS: Management information system for education establishments to manage student data. Student Information Systems (often abbreviated as SIS) provide capabilities for registering students in courses, documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessmentscores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.Read More


TLMS: Training Learning Management System. The need to train new employees or teach existing employees new skills is a constant, whether you are an insurance company, a scooter factory, a hospital or a government organization. With an LMS Read More


QIS: Quallity Management System. It's a new phrase which we created to measure schools and districts performance based on international standards. The main goal of this feature is to let management identify the weakness in their organization and direct them to fix it. Read More


Mutawar offer multi-faceted, multi channeled solutions which are capable of keeping customer information centralized and accessible to a multitude of corporate users without sacrificing security.

Mutawar, the leading provider of a new breed of business solutions designed to maximize the productivity of Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management, while maximizing the quality of service delivered through collaboration, knowledge management, self-service, automated workflow management, documents and efficient inventory control. The flexibility of Mutawar provides companies the unique ability to start with a cost effective approach and deploy within days. Designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use, Mutawar solutions can be deployed either as a SaaS (Software-as-a Service) offering, or on premise business solution, allowing you to focus on corporate growth opportunities while fulfilling your customers and employee’s needs.

Mutawar software solutions are used globally because of their flexibility, user-friendly interface and availability of almost all functionalities that any business requires. Whether your business is involved in Human Resource Management, Finance, Supply Chain, Retail, Marketing, Customer Service or Inventory Management; Mutawar Software Solutions offers your business definitive results whilst decreasing the overall workload and operating cost while positively increasing revenues. Take your business to new dimensions with Mutawar Software Solutions.


Specifically used in iPad & iPhone devices, the iOS platform is favored by many for its security and credibility. Upon creating an iOS app, our developers ensure that your app strictly follows the guidelines set by Apple while our designers tackle the interface of the app.


Android is another widely used mobile platform and together with iOS accounts for more than 80% of the mobile app downloads. It is thus imperative that you must start building your company’s Android mobile app to reach your customers more conveniently.


Despite its stand as a late-comer in the mobile app platform domain, the Windows mobile platform is yet to gain its reputation. Equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge of building Windows apps, you can be rest assured that we deliver you an app that you and your potential mobile users will be satisfied with.


We believe that a website must be an accurate representation of what your business or organization does. For us, the designing and development of a website is creating a piece of artwork; we carefully craft your website from its appearance to usability.


Search Engine Optimization deals with how your website will appear upon searching. This in turn affects your website popularity. We’ll work with you to get your website indexed in the forefront in search engine results using the most effective SEO methods


Who is not tempted to plunge into the ever flourishing online business? Let us shape your business ideas into realization. From managing your customers through a user-friendly system, getting daily sales report to embedding external payment gateways, we will get the work done


Mutawar as a Network and Security Solution offer Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) products. Mutawar Protect high-value data and data center resources with threat defense, highly secure virtualization, segmentation, and policy control. The product that we offers:

Standard network firewall functions;

Remote access and site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) support;

Web Access Gateway (WAG) functionality with anti-malware, URL and content filtering;

Network Intrusion Protection System (NIPS) focused on blocking attacks against PCs and servers.

Key Features & Capabilities of Mutawar

Here are some key features and capabilities that you can expect from Mutawar as a Network and Security Solution.The standard and Next-Generation Network Firewall (NGFS) functions include:

The ability to track and maintain state information for communications to determine the source and purpose of network communications.

The ability to allow or block traffic based on configured policy (which can be integrated with the state information).

The ability to perform Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation(PAT).

The ability to perform application aware network traffic scanning, tracking and control.

The ability to optimize a network connection (i.e. using TCP optimization).

Remote Access and Site-to-Site VPN functions include:

The ability to connect multiple sites securely using a VPN (i.e. IPsec, SSL).

The ability to have clients connect from remote locations securely using VPN (i.e. Clientless SSL, IPsec and SSL client).

The ability to connect to the device from a remote location for the purposes of management (i.e. HTTPS, SSH).

Web Access Gateway functions include:

The ability to perform URL filtering.

The ability to perform web application monitoring and control.

The ability to perform web Application Firewall (WAF) functions.

The ability to perform antivirus and anti-malware scanning.

The ability to perform HTTPS scanning (decode).

Network Intrusion Protection System (NIPS) is tasked with detecting network attack traffic and offers the ability to alter the action taken on the traffic based on policy. A NIPS component offers a number of different options for detecting attacks, including:

The ability to detect based on signature.

The ability to detect based on anomalous activity.

The ability to detect based on behavioral analysis.