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Who are we?

A software development company that provides innovative solutions to keep your organization pace with the digital world. We provide innovative and technical solutions for the various business sectors in your educational institution that meet your customers' needs and always put you in the foreground.

Education challenges
during COVID-19:

The COVID pandemic has left 1.6 billion students out of education in 161 countries. That is approximately 80% of the students enrolled in schools worldwide.

The delay in the start or interruption of the school year caused a complete disruption in many students' lives, parents and teachers (the lack of full curriculum coverage due to lack of time). However, much can be done to at least reduce these effects through distance learning strategies.


School Management System

An integrated system ensures the organization of communications between administrators, teachers, students and parents, whereby student information, payments and other administrative tasks are automated, and the possibility of error is reduced.

Learning Management
System & Website

An interactive and renewable system is concerned with providing the required addition to learners through digital content that supports its education and mechanisms that ensure communication with parents and provide them with the necessary information about the school's activities.

Digital Content

We provide high-quality electronic content “Videos” for your educational institution with an integrated team of teachers, trainers and montage experts to cover school curriculum.

Customer Service

We developed the awareness and understanding of our employees in the Customer Service Centre to suit customers' needs, handle their requirements professionally, and provide fast and optimal solutions.

Sales system

You can use the services of our trading platform to sell your products with delivery service.


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